About Us

GREENBAY INC Operate, Maintain and Deliver Total Integration with Solutions across multiple business sectors.

GREENBAY INC has been aggressively implementing a new business growth centred towards Green Technology Projects with the initiatives created by Malaysian Government.

GREENBAY INC is putting forth efforts to transform Malaysia into world class hub for Green Technology and ensure its part to contribute to reduce the Global Warming (Ecological, Economical & Communities).

GREENBAY INC is firmly on track in its aspiration to become a leading global hub for Green Technology. As a sign of commitment, the government had established Green Technology Fund amounting RM 1.5 billion. The scheme could benefit the companies who producers and users of green technology.

GREENBAY INC hope to increase in the local production of green technology innovations will then acquire a larger local market share against other technologies, contributing to the adoption of green technology in regional market.

GREENBAY INC pride itself of activities in providing Total Energy Solution with Industry Best Practice for all aspects of Energy Management e.g. Operations & Maintenance, Power & Utilities, Construction and Development, Health Care and Medical.

GREENBAY INC promotes Inter-Collaboration and Partnership when outlining goals and strategies through stringent process, measures and control to enhance the value creation among customers

GREENBAY INC is widely recognized as provider of Simplified Solution