Investment - Focus

Long term value creation requires a clear strategy for multiple industries in which GREENBAY INC invests. We adopt on active and collaborative efforts with our partners that aimed to generate profitable results.

We assists our partners to venture into new business horizon to help catalyze exponential growth and developments.


Our partners play an important role in the Development and Infrastructure and the growth of property sector in certain economic clusters. They are also involved in Roadworks, Bridges, Constructions, Solar, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical and other related initiatives.

Health Care investments are in the growing in this region and GREENBAY INC aim at providing premium integrated health care services an developing domestic capabilities with wide rage medical and equipment offerings.

The demand for Solar Energy had grown drastically to nearly 500% over the last 18 months, current projections by Malaysian Energy Commission anticipate to rise almost 80% of the industry supplies for both domestic household, commercial and industries by 2018. Needless to say, that the applications are massive, a good brand name, pricing, recognition and proven technology are short in supply and high in demand. Solar Energy offers economic benefits such as predictable pricing, providing long term hedge against volatile fuel market.

This investments opportunities are vetted on the basis of potential investment returns and high economic multiplier with creation of growth and development.